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Myth Busted!

Updated: May 18, 2020

A commonly asked question in the construction industry is: Are Moisture Control products compatible with flooring system components (cementitious topcoats, primers, adhesives, flooring material)? The answer, almost exclusively, is YES!

OBEX appreciates the complexities Architects and Contractors must resolve while specifying project products and materials. Ensuring all of those pieces harmonize to provide an outstanding finished product is a complicated task. Reconciling and maintaining the integrity of the various product guarantees and warranties is a critical part of the process. Threats of product and/or installation criteria for one product that might ultimately void warranties of other products/systems can result in an extremely unhappy owner. Flooring installations are no different. Creteseal CS2000 and Creteseal MAX products have been tested across a wide-array of flooring system products, produced by a myriad of manufacturers, to validate compatibility. Over millions of square feet, and thousands of jobsite installations, OBEX’s Creteseal-branded moisture control products have yet to experience an issue associated with product incompatibility.

The greatest risk of flooring failure is not product compatibility. By and large flooring failures arise due to:

  1. Lack of a moisture control system or utilizing a “performance” adhesive in lieu of a moisture control system. 

  2. Unfavorable environmental conditions outside of industry standards. 

  3. Poor installation preparation and execution efforts.  

The truth is, by following industry standards including ASTM F710 for preparing concrete slabs to receive flooring, moisture testing standards (ASTM F1869 and ASTM F2170), verifying bond tenacity via the mat bond test, and/or verifying substrate porosity via the water droplet test (ASTM 3191), resilient flooring systems are installed successfully, all over the country, without issue with respect to compatibility.

Learn the details of OBEX’s Good Price, Better Service, Completely Compatible Moisture Control systems by calling 844-265-3535 or visit our website to view at Read our recent Technical Bulletin on Compatibility here.


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