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Concrete Moisture Control Specification Considerations

OBEX’s Creteseal brand remains the standard-bearer in the concrete moisture control space and OBEX will continue to doggedly investigate and evaluate any, and all, options that might present our customers a superior combination of cost and performance. What we won’t do is compromise our integrity to promote a product offer that won’t meet the minimum and reasonable requirements for performance and reliability that MUST be the hallmark of any OBEX, or Creteseal, product.

Here are considerations all customers will want to evaluate with respect to their Concrete Moisture Control specifications:

  1. Any manufacturer that precludes or suggests skipping fundamental preparation steps like those noted in ASTM F710 – Standard Practice for Preparing Concrete Floors to Receive Resilient Flooring – should result in careful scrutiny. OBEX has yet to identify a seasoned, professional flooring installer that will advocate skipping ASTM-F710 testing and preparation. Installers don’t like call-backs, and neither does OBEX. Performance ALWAYS starts with preparation.

  2. New products making performance claims without testing and demonstrable proof of concept are a risk we believe our customers can do without. Testing your existing concrete slab prior to installing resilient flooring is smart money. How do you know the cure without the information to make the diagnosis? Beware the concrete moisture control solution that ignores the value of testing or suggests resilient flooring installation on what seems an implausibly short timeline. We've found that these “too good to be true” statements almost always result in disappointment. If the manufacturer has to provide supplemental assurances that violate or contradict the product TDS, take heed.

  3. Concrete and concrete moisture control systems require both mechanical and chemical performance attributes in the interface. Any product manufacturer that suggests their product packaging can be resealed after being opened and then used for re-application days, weeks and months after being opened are ignoring real implications of exposing the material to potential contamination and atmospheric gasses. There are real examples of this alarming suggestion in product videos where they don’t bother to wipe the seal before suggesting the product can be resealed and used again later.

  4. Like many project components, there are both material and labor costs for successful installation. Combined, the costs of material and labor to achieve the desired concrete moisture control outcome is characterized as Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Combining OBEX’s cost-effective and performance-proven concrete moisture control with the labor installation rates of OBEX Certified Installers (OCI's) result in INDUSTRY-LEADING price points. If you haven’t familiarized yourself with the OBEX's Creteseal CS2000 and Creteseal MAX product TCOs, it's time to take a hard look and save some serious money.

OBEX is delighted to consult on the details of our learning about all of these considerations, always free of charge, as part of our Good Price, Better Service customer commitment. Call us at 844-265-3535 and in no time you’ll be ready to knock another item off your “to do” task list.


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