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Creteshield® UltraMix™ creates harder, more impermeable concrete, resulting in attractive, durable, and long-lasting concrete slabs and structures. The advanced formulation and proprietary engineering features of Creteshield® UltraMix™ result in a vastly superior resistance to chemical attack, as well as steel reinforcement corrosion control. Creteshield® UltraMix™ increases the concrete surface resistance to abrasive wear from vehicular traffic, extending the service life of pavement, roadways, and parking structures.

CRETEshield® ultraMiX™


  • Compatible for Ready-Mix and Precast Applications.

  • Reduces Corrosion of Concrete Steel Reinforcement.

  • Increases Concrete Resistance to Chemical Attack.

  • Improves Durability by Resisting Traffic/Vehicular Wear.

  • Significantly Increases Concrete Resistance to Underwater Abrasion.

  • Increases Concrete Strength and Surface Hardness.

  • Ready-to-Use; No Mixing or Dilution Required.

  • Increases Cement Efficiency.

  • Promotes and Prolongs Concrete Workability.

  • Safe for Indoor Use; Low VOCs.

Description and use

Creteshield® UltraMix™ is a high-performance, ASTM C494-certified, concrete admixture added at the batch plant or to the concrete truck at the job site. Creteshield® UltraMix™ precipitates a chemical reaction within the concrete, increasing the concrete’s strength, durability, abrasion resistance, resistance to chemical attack (including deicing salts and brines) and resistance to reinforcing steel corrosion while enabling accelerated finishing time. Creteshield® UltraMix™ limits scaling, Alkali-Silica Reaction (ASR) and Alkali-Aggregate Reaction (AAR) attack, aggregate pop-outs, and slab curling due to premature water loss. Because Creteshield® UltraMix™ is thoroughly integrated into the concrete, it offers significantly increased protection of concrete steel reinforcement. Creteshield® UltraMix™ is specifically formulated for structural concrete applications such as parking structures, dams, bridges, locks, levees, spill-ways, marine/underwater piles/piers/structures, airport aprons, runways, deicing pads and more. Use of Creteshield® UltraMix™ is independently proven to substantially increase the lifespace of concrete structures, decreasing the instances of costly rip and replace remediation, which results in lower costs and environmental impacts.

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