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OTA - Open Bucket in Case of Emergency

It’s hard to think about it now, in the heart of winter, but when weather conditions turn warm and windy, with low relative humidity – you will be happy that you have OTA™ (OBEX Troweling Aid) on hand. Experienced, savvy concrete finishing teams have a repertoire of techniques for achieving outstanding results, regardless of most day-of-pour weather conditions. To further support these hard-working finishers, the OBEX product development team worked diligently to create an “Open Bucket in Case of Emergency” solution. OTA™ buys time when weather conditions and fast-setting concrete conspire to allow a slab to “get away” from the finishers. With the application of OTA™, two things happen: 1) the workability of the concrete surface can be extended up to 45 minutes; and 2) the finished concrete surface, treated with OTA™, will have increased strength, abrasion-resistance and durability.

It is scientifically proven that concrete finished with additional water undermines the durability and longevity of the finished surface. OBEX Troweling Aid renders results just the opposite. OTA™ actually increases the strength and durability of concrete. Concrete is science, and OTA™ was formulated to work in concert with concrete chemistry. Click here to see the details of independent lab results demonstrating the profound improvements that will result when OTA™ is applied during the finishing process.

In the construction industry, our projects are our legacy. Creating beautifully finished concrete, that will be significantly more durable, is a win for everyone involved. OTA™ is the perfect “Open Bucket in Case of Emergency” solution to add to your finishing toolkit. Put a couple of buckets on every truck, and job site, and you’ll always have what you need, when you need it most. OTA™ represents Good Price, Better Service for concrete finishers nationwide.


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