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Obex troweling aid

OTA™ advantage

• Speeds troweling process to save on labor costs.

• Penetrates the concrete surface.

• Fast-track, simple spray application.

• Eliminates dusting and pitting in the surface.

• Increases abrasion resistance.

• Reduces curling.

• Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

• Environmentally safe, no VOCs.

Obex troweling aid

Obex Troweling Aid (OTA™) is a high-performance troweling aid, ideal for extending the workability of low water-cement ratio concrete, up to 45 minutes, producing a superior surface finish. OTA™ solves numerous challenges associated with producing flawless concrete, even in the most hostile environments.

Description and use

OTA™ troweling aid is an ideal solution for concrete professionals who need a product that extends the workability of the concrete in adverse conditions such as high temperatures, dry climates, and low humidity. Unlike evaporation retarders, OTA™ is a true finishing aid that is designed to be worked into concrete surface, and is scientifically proven to increase surface strength and abrasion resistance. 

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Finishing with water creates a porous surface, reducing durability and longevity.

An OTA finish will last longer, resulting in an aesthetically-pleasing finish throughout the life of the slab. 

OTA has proven to be more abrasion resistant and have a stronger tensile strength at the surface creating a longer surface life.


where to use:

  Applications include, but are not limited to:

  • Interior or exterior concrete floors and walls 

  • Driveways

  • Sidewalks

  • Masonry, precast, and natural stone

  • Bridges and roads

  • Parking garages

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