OBEX Co. has over two decades of experience, working with concrete in the construction industry. We work with scientists, chemists and business professionals in the concrete and construction industries. From large commercial enterprises and government projects to retail, office and industrial projects, our products are proving themselves in the most demanding environments.

Our Finishing Aid products make finishing easier and faster while at the same time extending the life of concrete across the country. Millions of square feet have been protected from moisture, vapors, alkalinity and other chemical intrusions. In three words our products perform! We invite you to examine for yourself our line of finishing aids, coatings and sealants and to specify them in your next project.

OTA™ is the only product designed to finish concrete. Bringing solutions to the concrete industry.

See our Industry leading finishing aids and moisture mitigation products in action.

Solving some of the most demanding challenges. Get a glimpse of our new products under development.

OBEX is the leader in Finishing Aid products. OTA™ makes finishing concrete faster and easier while extending surface life!
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