OBEX is Making Concrete Better® by offering a suite of concrete treatment products designed, manufactured and distributed to represent Value-Engineered Concrete Moisture Control Protection.  OBEX is the exclusive source of the Creteseal®  brand of products which set the industry standard for value-engineered concrete moisture vapor reduction systems over thirty (30) years ago. The OBEX customer-focused business and technical support teams are amongst the most knowledgeable subject matter experts in the industry. We invite customers to learn more by reviewing the OBEX resources page and/or contacting our Business Development or Technical Services Team Members with specific inquiries.


Like many industry-changing products, Creteseal® was the answer to a fundamental change in the concrete slab moisture control market of the 1970s and early 1980s.  At that time in the construction industry there was very inconsistent utilization of sub-slab vapor retarders – an industry standard and specification requirement for today’s construction activities.  The moisture migration risks inherent to this fact were not a significant concern back then because the industry-standard resilient flooring adhesives used at the time – Cutback/Black Asbestos Mastic – were effective at keeping flooring down despite potential moisture intrusion.  Negative-side moisture flooring issue consequences were limited by the nature of the Cutback/Black Asbestos Mastic efficacy. 

Fast-forward to 1970s and the elimination of Cutback/Black Asbestos Mastic for environmental and human health concerns.  The concrete industry suddenly had to have alternative products and systems effective at limiting negative-side moisture migration in concrete slabs.  During this period, expensive, high-VOC, two-part resin epoxies were the most prevalent solution for controlling concrete slab moisture migration that might otherwise damage resilient flooring.  That was the case, until Creteseal® revolutionary formulations presented a cost-effective, highly-successful negative-side moisture vapor emission control system.  The developers of Creteseal® CS2000™ used innovative chemistry to complement the curing and hydration processes associated with the placement of fresh concrete.  The Creteseal® CS2000™ formulation not only reduced the moisture vapor emission rates on newly-poured concrete, but as complimentary features the Creteseal® CS2000™ also hardened and densified the concrete making it more durable.  All of this was achieved at a price point – a fact still true today - that dramatically changed the nature of concrete slab moisture vapor emission control.  Creteseal® CS2000™ remains one of the most popular and cost-effective product systems available on the market today offering customers peace of mind with respect to the potential for premature resilient flooring failure by including a 15-Year Warranty.

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