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OBEX offers a suite of concrete treatment products designed, manufactured and distributed to represent Value-Engineered Concrete Moisture Control Protection.  In 2016, OBEX purchased the rights to the Creteseal® brand of products, which set the industry standard for value-engineered concrete moisture vapor reduction systems over thirty (30) years ago.  The OBEX customer-centric business and technical support teams are subject matter experts in the industry who are committed to delivering on the promise of Good Price, Better Service with every project they support.  We invite customers to learn more by reviewing the RESOURCES website page and/or contacting our Business Development or Technical Services Teams.

A BRIEF HISTORY of Concrete Moisture control

Like many industry-changing products, Creteseal® was the answer to a fundamental change in the concrete slab moisture control market of the 1970s, and early 1980s.  At that time in the construction industry there was very inconsistent utilization of sub-slab vapor retarders – an industry standard and specification requirement for today’s construction activities.  The moisture migration risks inherent to this practice were not a significant concern back then because the industry-standard resilient flooring adhesives used at the time – Cutback/Black Asbestos Mastic – were effective at keeping flooring down despite potential moisture intrusion.  Flooring issues caused by negative-side moisture were limited by the nature of the Cutback/Black Asbestos Mastics being widely used.

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Fast-forward to the elimination of Cutback/Black Asbestos Mastic for environmental and human health concerns…  The concrete industry suddenly had to have alternative products and systems effective at limiting negative-side moisture migration in concrete slabs.  During this period, expensive, high-VOC, two-part resin epoxies were the most prevalent solution for controlling concrete slab moisture migration that might otherwise damage or delaminate resilient flooring.  That was the case until Creteseal® brought forth revolutionary formulations that represented a cost-effective, highly-successful negative-side moisture vapor emission control system.  The developers of Creteseal® CS2000™ used innovative chemistry to complement the curing and hydration processes associated with the placement of fresh concrete.  The Creteseal® CS2000™ formulation not only reduced the moisture vapor emission rates on newly-poured concrete, it also hardened and densified the concrete, making it more durable and abrasion-resistant.  All of this was achieved at a price point – a fact still true today - that dramatically changed the nature of concrete slab moisture vapor emission control.  Creteseal® CS2000™ remains one of the most popular and cost-effective product systems available on the market today, offering customers peace of mind with a 15-Year Warranty against negative-side moisture and alkalinity-related resilient flooring failure

Where we are today

There are an increasing number of concrete moisture control products being marketed as having extraordinary capabilities which are outside of industry standards and well beyond widely-accepted facts about concrete curing timelines and treatment processes – BUYER BEWARE!  OBEX will always recommend following industry standards and best practices, regardless of manufacturer claims to the contrary.  When installed in accordance with ACI and ASTM industry guidelines, the Creteseal CS2000 and Creteseal MAX systems have consistently demonstrated excellent performance, saving numerous owners and contractors time and money on their projects.  Please call us at 844-265-3535 with questions related to either system – we look forward to serving you!

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