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Relative humidity

Updated: Apr 15, 2019

OBEX is pleased to support a national network of Owners, Developers, Landlords, Architects, Engineers, Designers, Contractors, and Installers with Concrete Moisture Control expertise.  OBEX provides access to a Library of FREE Technical Bulletins, complete TDS/SDS product information as well as Sample Specifications at  Additionally, OBEX’s current business partners, as well as new clients, are encouraged to contact our Sales or Technical Support team at any time, with any questions.  Finally, our team of Field Technicians are YOUR onsite representation for any and all questions regarding surface preparations, environmental considerations and installation procedures.  OBEX’s Good Price, Better Service model of doing business will always reflect the relational, not transactional, bias of our commitment to client project success.

Relative Humidity as a potential indicator of resilient flooring failure risk is a hotly-debated topic.  Check it out!  For those interested in sampling some of the content, OBEX would recommend reviewing TB 18-C2-04 CS2000-Treated Concrete Internal Relative Humidity, a selection of which is included below:  

The advantage of a CS2000-treated slab is that while the slab retains moisture to facilitate hydration in the early stages of that process, as the moisture is utilized during hydration, there is no appreciable impact on internal moisture results when the slab is completely cured.  More importantly, CS2000 helps densify the surface of the concrete slab, reducing capillary size and avenues for moisture to migrate, reducing MVE in compliance with floor placement requirements. ... Almost six (6) months after initial placement, there is no appreciable difference in internal relative humidity values between the Reference slab and the CS2000-treated concrete slab.  What this means for construction projects is that employing CS2000 WILL NOT hinder or detract from passing or failing ASTM F2170 RH testing performed per specifications, or in compliance with flooring manufacturer requirements.  CS2000 WILL limit MVE that might otherwise migrate out of the concrete slab and potentially damage the resilient flooring system. 

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