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Failed Moisture Test?

Failed Moisture Tests? Take the Weekend Off, Maintain Your Schedule, and Preserve Your Budget with the Lowest Cost Moisture Control Solution for Existing Concrete: Creteseal MAX!

When you are down to the wire with failed moisture tests, project delays, and the threat of a looming turnover date with related penalty clauses, OBEX offers robust, reliable teams of Creteseal MAX System Preferred Installers ready to get your project back on track while protecting expensive resilient flooring with the LOWEST Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) ASTM F3010-compliant, 15-year Warranty backed, Moisture Control System – Creteseal MAX.

OBEX partners with a national network of the most accomplished system installers you’ve ever had the pleasure of doing business with. Based on their highly-refined work flow processes and the incredible efficiency of the Creteseal MAX system, OBEX and its partners can have your project profiled, prepped, and protected in as few as three (3) days! Here’s a profile of a recent 21,000 square foot project in Tuscaloosa, AL—we’re not kidding when we say take the weekend off, stay on schedule, and come back on Monday ready to place your flooring system.

Day 1:

  • 10AM: Installer arrives in Tuscaloosa and begins shot-blasting the concrete slab to a Concrete Surface Profile (CSP) of 3, cuts all cracks and control joints.

Day 2:

  • 6AM: Installer completes shot-blasting and hand grinds the perimeter of the slab along walls, within rooms, and down hallways. Installer vacuums entire slab.

  • 11AM: The OBEX Technician arrives onsite, inspects slab preparation, and then details to Installer additional requirements to meet OBEX installation specifications.

  • 12PM: Installer installs OBEX Perfect Patch polyurea in all cracks and control joints.

  • 2PM: While the OBEX Technician documents the job-site conditions, they also verify proper mixing and application of the Creteseal MAX System to the proper mil thickness.

Day 3:

  • 6AM: The OBEX Technician validates system integrity and curing after which the Installer places primer over cured Creteseal MAX.

  • 9AM: Installer applies cementitious topping to meet project specification flatness/levelness requirements.

  • 5PM: Project completed, on to the next one!

In three (3) days, 21,000 square feet of concrete is profiled, coated with Creteseal MAX, primed and the cementitious installed, ready for the Flooring Subcontractor to proceed with the VCT flooring installation.

If you have any questions please contact our Business Development or Technical Services team at 800-265-3535 or review our portfolio of content at our new website The OBEX website includes an array of technical bulletins, specifications/substitution documents as well as product TDS/SDS information highlighting the value proposition of our entire line of Moisture Control olutions.


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