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Product Presentations and Learning Workshops

Like your team, the OBEX team wants to be part of a learning culture – AND we want to share what we have learned if that sharing helps your success. It’s a challenge to develop expertise in all of the various construction trades and building practices. Keeping track of the overwhelming array of product offers is something that could consume every minute of every day. For these reasons, we empathize with our business partners, particularly when it comes to narrowly scoped project considerations like concrete moisture control, which is OBEX’s specialty. While OBEX offers a variety of products, it’s focus is concrete moisture control. As the owners and purveyors of the Creteseal brand of concrete moisture mitigation products, OBEX has a wealth of perspective and knowledge that we are happy to share - without obligation. As we collectively recover from the challenges created by the pandemic, we are excited to be able to freely travel and meet once again in some locales. If you have a need or desire to create and exploit a learning platform for yourself and/or members of your team, OBEX wants to be your resource for all things concrete moisture control. So, if you would benefit from no obligation product presentations, learning workshops or phone consultations, we can tailor a set of interactions that will efficiently, and effectively, provide you with the knowledge you need to be an informed decision-maker, whether or not you choose OBEX as your go-forward specification and/or concrete moisture control supplier. While most of our economy no longer values service, OBEX stubbornly clings to the fact that when you do the right things, and treat people the right way, you can always be proud of your work. As a result, our efforts will always be characterized by our simple Good Price, Better Service promise. Thank you for the opportunity to serve.


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