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A different kind of company

OBEX strives to be a different kind of company.  Most companies say the same thing, yet a simple review of their approach tells the truth of their commitment to project success.  Instead of providing first-class onsite technician-supported quality assurance and control, they invest their time, and money, in finely-written warranties and endeavor to shift any potential liability to contractors.  For OBEX, our efforts are driven by an insatiable desire to be THE trusted resource advisor for all contractors and clients with a resilient-flooring related concrete Moisture Control opportunity.  OBEX will not compromise the integrity of our client projects to ensure growth and prosperity for ourselves.  The facts are, since OBEX already offers competitively-priced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Moisture Control solutions, OBEX could increase sales margins by eliminating the highly-trained, and respected, Technicians deployed onsite for each and every installation.  Some might call us stubborn, or out-of-sync, because we insist on customer service levels that supersede the simple transactional nature of so much of today’s business environment.  Frankly, we at OBEX don’t care what they say.  Here’s what we say:  Consistency + Performance = Trust.   If your desire is to cost-effectively, and efficiently, increase the probability of your Moisture Control project success, OBEX invites you to learn more at or by calling us at 844-265-3535 and ask to speak to a member of our Sales or Technical Support teams.  Good Price; Better Service.


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