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truths of time or money

Concrete Moisture Control Truths of Time OR Money

Fast-track construction schedules and tight budgets present myriad challenges to owners, architects, contractors and installers.  Everyone in the value delivery chain is under immense pressure to reconcile time AND money, because like most things in life, quality project completions are a function of time OR money.  In the case of Moisture Control systems, there are two money AND time truths – proven systems like the Creteseal CS2000 Day-of-Pour (DoP) system offer significant cost savings (money) but require additional time to chemically react with concrete compared to immediate Moisture Control systems like the highly-effective two-part resin retrofit system Creteseal MAX that supports resilient flooring installation within days of application (time).

Beware the promise of a product or system that touts the ability to provide Moisture Control at a low cost and on an accelerated timeline for flooring installation (within days).  Concrete is chemistry, and the reactions and interactions inherent to the hydration and curing processes take time.  Over the years, OBEX’s Creteseal brand products have seen countless imitators promote a solution of time AND money when the simple truth of Moisture Control systems is that the options are typically time OR money.  After promises of time AND money are broken by other vendors, OBEX’s Creteseal products have been successfully employed in subsequent projects for those previously burned in the time OR money challenge of Moisture Control systems.

Learn more about the truths of Moisture Control system compromises by contacting OBEX’s Technical Services Team at 844-265-3535 or visit our website to view at


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