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Over decades of use, the Creteseal® CS2000™ concrete moisture control system has proven to be compatible with bond breakers common to tilt-up construction techniques.  As a starting point, OBEX always recommends carefully following the ACI 551.1R-14: Guide to Tilt-Up Concrete Construction.  Not unlike other installation practices, it is critical that installers follow all bond breaker manufacturer written literature and specifications.  You can read OBEX’s specific recommendations for successful Creteseal CS2000 tilt-up construction practices here.

Typically, bond breaker manufacturers require a specific cleaning method be employed prior to application of their product when installing over existing, or previously cured, concrete.  To ensure a successful finished resilient flooring installation, OBEX requires that any residual bond breaker material be completely removed following the tilt-up of bond breaker cast and poured concrete panels.  Residual bond breaker on a slab’s surface can significantly undermine the adhesive bond between the finished resilient flooring system and the concrete slab regardless of an OBEX Creteseal CS2000 moisture control system installation. Tilt-up project success is rarely a function of compatibility, but a function of carefully following manufacturer product installation instructions.

Fact - Bond breakers are compatible with the Creteseal CS2000™ concrete moisture control system when employing the installation guidelines included here. If you have questions about Creteseal CS2000 and tilt-up project construction, please call OBEX at 844-265-3535 and ask to talk to our Technical Services Team.  They will go out of their way to demonstrate OBEX’s Good Price, Better Service approach to supporting your tilt-up project success.


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