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technician profile - john mann

Updated: Apr 15, 2019


OBEX believes anything worth doing is worth doing right. That is why OBEX dispatches seasoned, professionally-trained technicians to every job site. The OBEX Good Price, Better Service model reflects a commitment to superior concrete Moisture Control products specifically-designed and warranted to provide excellent protection to expensive moisture-sensitive flooring systems. OBEX technicians reflect a gold standard for customer support in the markets they serve – no other company provides the level of quality-control and quality-assurance an onsite, company-branded technician represents like OBEX. Owners, Architects, and Contractors that employ OBEX Moisture Control Systems to protect their flooring systems enjoy peace of mind knowing that an OBEX technician is onsite to make sure the installation is done right, every time.

John Mann Obex Technician

Meet one of our outstanding OBEX Technicians. John Mann is a 13-year veteran of the concrete Moisture Control industry. John is widely-appreciated for his expertise relative to concrete placement, surface preparation and product installation. He is among the most experienced technicians in the industry. John is highly-esteemed by most of the trades and project partners fortunate enough to work with him – he is approachable and a firm, but pleasant and steady influence on the jobsite. In the last year alone, John has traveled to over 50 cities across 17 states and the District of Columbia to oversee dozens of project installation phases. Some companies talk about the importance of people in their business – OBEX, and John Mann, make the slogan Good Price, Better Service real for customers every time he steps onto a jobsite. We look forward to your company’s opportunity to benefit from John’s experience and commitment to customer service on your next jobsite.

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