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Responsiveness You Can Count On!

As consumers, all of us have experienced rapid declines in customer service levels throughout our economy. We want ultra-low pricing and then complain bitterly when that price point excludes the service levels we might have experienced in the past. The challenge in any market is striking the balance of price and service level. Value used to be defined as a balanced intersection of price and service - not so much these days. More times than not, service is an undervalued component of many purchase decisions and the race to the bottom in pricing results in poor service levels characterized by a lack of responsiveness. Not so with OBEX. We continue to distinguish ourselves as a team that thrives on meeting and exceeding your expectations for customer service support.

OBEX is trying to stem the rapidly changing paradigm where low price is seemingly viewed as the best price. We’re not sure that’s the best compromise for clients, so we continue to do more than our competitors in terms of customer support. Nonetheless, we offer customers industry-leading Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) pricing for installed concrete moisture control systems when you partner with OBEX and its certified installer (OCI) network. Additionally, OBEX offers free technical service support, free estimates and will gladly come to your jobsite and/or facility to talk about all things concrete moisture control. When you do choose OBEX, your project will benefit from the very best in quality assurance and quality control outcomes. When you choose an OBEX certified installer (OCI), you will be getting the most highly-skilled and competitive teams we’ve had the pleasure of working with.

Here’s a recent example of our differentiated level of service: a General Contractor sent us a Saturday email asking about some product information for the following week. Wasn’t he surprised when within 10 minutes of sending the email, he received a call from one of our hard-working, dedicated Business Development Managers ready to answer all of his questions? That’s OBEX’s Good Price, Better Service model put into practice. All of us know that service is truly defined when things are not routine, and of course, that’s when it matters the most. If you want to enjoy the peace of mind of knowing we’ll be there when you need us most, contact OBEX at 844-265-3535 to get the price AND service levels your project deserves.



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