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Prevent Flooring Failure!

Proper Preparation Prevents Failures in Redevelopment Projects

Now more than ever redevelopment projects are driving a big piece of the construction trades. During the renovation process a commonly encountered issue is partially and/or poorly-adhered underlayment beneath an existing floor covering. Many times the underlayment—which might be interior-grade, cement- or gypsum-based—is failing and may, or may not, show signs of moisture issues as well. Building techniques and code requirements have evolved considerably over the years; however, for renovations, it is extremely common to have concrete slabs poured decades ago without a sub-slab vapor retarder. In these instances, it will be necessary to install a vapor barrier / ASTM F3010 retrofit system such as Creteseal MAX over the surface of the existing substrate, as concrete slab moisture may change (increase) seasonally or in future years after the newly renovated store has been opened. The worst mistake an owner, architect, or contractor can make is to spend tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars renovating a substrate with self-level, only to have the floor fail in the future because a Moisture Control system was omitted from the project.

To ensure a quality renovation outcome in conjunction with an ASTM F3010 Moisture Control system installation, removal of all partially or poorly-adhered or damaged underlayment must be part of the demolition process. Furthermore, any unknown, interior-grade, low-PSI or gypsum-based underlayment must be removed in its entirety, regardless of adherence—these products will likely breakdown in the presence of moisture and/or promote biological growth if left installed under an ASTM-F3010 Moisture Control system. While demolition will add cost to the project, failure to prepare the slab surface in a manner that supports complete efficacy of a Moisture Control system, or failure to install a Moisture Control system altogether, will result in even greater expense when the newly installed resilient flooring system fails prematurely.

Creteseal MAX is an excellent ASTM F3010-compliant Moisture Control system, protecting resilient flooring from moisture intrusion on the toughest projects throughout the country. Every redevelopment project has its own unique underlying parameters and underlayment conditions, and for every project, OBEX’s Technical Services team and network of Preferred Contractors bring the existing substrate into flooring-ready condition—profiled, prepped, and protected by the OBEX 15-Year Warranty. We gladly provide free consultations and advice regarding remediation and preparation options as part of our Good Price, Better Service offer. To learn more about options for your project, please call 844-265-3535 or see the OBEX Technical Bulletin that covers this issue by clicking here.


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