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Performance adhesives

In recent years, the Moisture Control market has seen a new, aspirational offering – performance adhesives. The manufacturers and distributors of these products are promoting them as suitable alternatives to highly-reliable, cost-effective and proven concrete Moisture Control systems like Creteseal CS2000 and Creteseal MAX. So far, the results are not as promising as some might have hoped – Moisture Emission Vapor Rates (MVER) within published performance adhesive manufacturer criteria have resulted in failures. Click here to learn more.

Innovation is an important part of any industry. Efforts to develop disruptive technology that result in new products, services and/or ways of completing tasks are critical to vibrant growth and evolution in any market. OBEX is fortunate to own the Creteseal brand, one of the all-time greats in terms of disruptive technology relative to the concrete Moisture Control market. The Creteseal brand of products have been consistently fine-tuned and tested to offer the most comprehensive performance levels available at a competitive Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) price. The proven chemical and mechanical aspects of traditional concrete Moisture Control systems have been highly-refined and tuned over hundreds of millions of treated square feet in the last several decades. These cost-effective and efficient systems are proven reliable when installed in accordance with ACI, ASTM and other industry standards.

Performance adhesives have a potential place as a part of a complimentary “belt and suspenders” approach to Moisture Control system installation. On occasions when post-treatment concrete testing indicates modest “outlier” readings for MVER, prudent owners, contractors and installers may add the performance adhesive “suspenders” to the tried and true “belt” of a proven Moisture Control system. Performance adhesives DO NOT equal moisture control protection or provide a 15-Year Warranty peace of mind. Review common adhesive manufacturer’s warranties to understand whether they stand behind their purported product capabilities against negative side moisture vapor emission or alkalinity like a time-tested and proven OBEX Moisture Control system.

Head to to learn more about Moisture Control solutions that truly perform, or call us at 844-265-3535 and ask to talk to a member of our Technical Services Team.


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