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Operations Manager Profile - Cody Coggins

Operations Manager Profile – CODY COGGINS

OBEX invites you to learn more about our Operations Manager, Cody Coggins.  Cody joined OBEX last year as a Business Development Manager and quickly distinguished himself with outstanding organizational and client service skills.  He was recently promoted to Operations Manager.  Those fortunate enough to work with Cody will attest to his competitive and determined nature.  He is highly responsive and works each project from start-to-finish with a consistent bias to proactive communication.  His energy and enthusiasm are widely-appreciated by his peers and clients.  Cody has a strong track record of performance, including the distinction of being a Summa Cum Laude college graduate where he was also a standout, nationally-ranked and recognized, college baseball pitcher.

OBEX’s business model is based on high-performance, competitively-priced products combined with client service worthy of the OBEX Good Price, Better Service mantra.  OBEX maintains a rigid commitment to providing superior concrete moisture control products, specifically-designed and warranted to provide excellent protection for moisture-sensitive resilient flooring systems.  Cody’s client care, commitment to operating from a place of honesty and integrity, and operations support efforts make the slogan Good Price, Better Service real for customers every time they are fortunate enough to work with him.  If you would like to hear Cody’s pitch, pun-intended, and enjoy exemplary client-centric support for your project, give him a call at 844-265-3535 extension 249, or send him an email at


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