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Fix Your Failing Floor - Open Renovations with Creteseal MAX

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Your resilient flooring is failing prematurely.  You either declined to install a concrete moisture control system or the system you installed didn’t provide the protection you expected.  Now what?!

One of the most profound “costs” associated with failing resilient floor is the related business interruptions and hassles of completing repairs.  OBEX’s ASTM F3010-credentialed Creteseal MAX System, employed with a phased “open” renovation schedule, is your best bet for remediating the issue and getting your business back up and running with a proper, concrete moisture control-protected resilient floor.  OBEX utilizes a nationwide network of OBEX Certified Installers (OCIs) to address these type of challenges with a carefully formulated and executed schedule.  Day, night and/or weekend schedules can be accommodated for most process steps while you remain open for business.  As an example, depending on the configuration and total square footage, under certain conditions, OBEX Certified Installers can complete upwards of 25,000 square feet over a weekend.  At a minimum, it’s not uncommon to complete several thousand square feet each work day.  If you have a concrete moisture issue that has resulted in resilient flooring failure, we’d like the opportunity to discuss your options – no charge and no obligation.  We offer free site visits and will partner with our OBEX Certified Installer network to get you the best possible price and schedule to put the matter behind you.

OBEX’s Operations team is looking forward to your call where we will gladly discuss options all intended to support your remediation challenge and our Good Price, Better Service promise.  Call 844-265-3535 and ask to speak to our Technical Services Team today.


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