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As the world races to the bottom in nearly every business model context, OBEX stubbornly believes that people and service matter.  OBEX’s goal is to provide excellent quality, warranted products, at a competitive price, all delivered with outstanding service and support.  That’s why OBEX has worked hard to develop a nationwide network of top-notch, certified installers to support installation of the Creteseal MAX ASTM F3010 two-part resin moisture control system.  It is why OBEX continues to identify and train OBEX Certified Installers to bolster our already formidable roster of business partners.  As OBEX continues to grow, our existing and new certified installers will be a critical part of delivering on the OBEX Good Price, Better Service promise. OBEX Certified Installers are experts in their respective disciplines – they maintain crews of diligent, high-performing team members who travel the country with the right tools and techniques to deliver the results we collectively render for our clients, every day.  OBEX Certified Installers have consistently distinguished themselves with top-quality and timely installation results.  When you are ready for a different kind of service and support with respect to concrete moisture control installation and expertise, give us a call and let OBEX—and its outstanding business partners/certified installers—show you just how much of a difference Good Price, Better Service results will mean for your project, tight schedule, and peace of mind.


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