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guarantee vs. warranty

Every business starts somewhere, somehow – sometimes it’s as simple as two guys and a truck with an idea bolstered by the belief it can be done better, faster and less expensively. Those are exciting times for would-be business owners and the excitement, challenge and pressure to succeed can lead even the most strident souls into making claims and promises their small businesses are simply not equipped to handle. Take for example warranty risk – it’s easy to say what you’re going to do if something goes awry, but what are the economic realities of those claims when something doesn’t perform to expectations? Owners, Developers, Architects and General Contractors take note.

As clients consider their options, it is critically important that they understand the clear distinctions between simple product defect guarantees and a warranty. These distinctions may manifest themselves in concrete moisture control systems, cementitious underlayment, primers, adhesives and resilient flooring, so it is critical to be informed. Here is a verbatim comparison to highlight the potential differences between a product defect guarantee and a warranty:

Manufacturer Product Defect Guarantee – when a product fails a sample is sent to their corporate test facility and, hint, it usually “meets” manufacturing tolerances

  • If a defect covered by this warranty is reported to *FLOORING MANUFACTURER* in writing after two years but within five years of purchase, *FLOORING MANUFACTURER* will supply new material of the same or similar grade sufficient to repair or replace the defective material. *FLOORING MANUFACTURER* will not pay labor costs. *FLOORING MANUFACTURER* will not pay labor costs to repair or replace material with defects that were apparent before or at the time of installation.

OBEX/Creteseal 15-Year Limited Warranty – the failed floor area is fixed if the OBEX product fails to perform

  • The warranty covers failures to the floor covering system, as originally installed on Creteseal® MAX System, and only to that portion of the floor covering system affected by moisture vapor and alkalinity. OBEX will provide labor and materials necessary to repair or replace, if repair cannot be made as determined by OBEX, any area of the floor covering system as originally applied and only to that portion of the floor that is affected by the defect, if the Creteseal® MAX System fails within said warranty period.

We are entrepreneurs at heart and love to see others chasing their dreams. What we don’t like to see is potential clients harmed when a company offers a “solution” without adequate protection against failure. Anyone in the concrete moisture control space, who has been in the game long enough, will have to deal with customer care matters. When that happens, a customer needs to know their business partner will have the wherewithal and commitment to rectify any issues. OBEX has carefully cultivated its business by doing what it says it will do and backstopping it with industry-leading Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) concrete Moisture Control solutions such as Creteseal CS2000 and ASTM F3010-credentialed Creteseal MAX.

OBEX, in business for over five years, operates free of debt, and maintains commercial general liability insurance to the tune of millions of dollars. In the unlikely event something doesn’t work out as expected, OBEX will be there to demonstrate our Good Price, Better Service promise. To learn more, contact us at 844-265-3535 and talk to our Technical Support Team.

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