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OBEX Clients - Giving Thanks for Those that Trust OBEX

OBEX is acutely sensitive to the trauma the recent closures have caused for so many of our friends in the industry.  There are far-reaching implications to everyone being impacted by this illness and the related precautionary measures being instituted by various officials.  As we work to support our value chain partners trying to overcome the impacts of recent delays, while remaining cognizant and diligent of public health considerations, we also want to acknowledge those who’ve risen to the challenge of the last couple of months to keep projects safely progressing.  When we are authorized by public health officials, OBEX is committed to being part of the leading edge in “Re-opening America.”  OBEX’s rock-solid, ZERO-debt financial standing has permitted us to remain fully-staffed and we are proud to let others who needed the help more get a chance at the various stimulus related support programs.  We look forward to getting back on the road, meeting with business associates and clients, and doing our part in restoring confidence in everything that makes the United States of America the most incredible country in the history of the world.  Our goal is to be purchasing plane tickets, booking rooms and enjoying outstanding meetings and meals - with YOU! - very, very soon.  So if you’ll have us for an update visit, product presentation or simple meet and greet, give us a call and we’ll be on our way as soon as possible!

In the meantime, what was shaping up to be an action-packed concrete moisture control system construction season has experienced challenging setbacks.  However, OBEX has successfully navigated ALL project date changes and has been working incredibly hard to support highly-variable/volatile scheduling.  We thank our clients for their loyal patronage and our OBEX Certified Installers (OCIs) for their dogged support in completing projects.  OBEX is proud to offer best-in-class Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) concrete moisture control systems like Creteseal CS2000 and Creteseal MAX.  The OBEX team thoroughly enjoys the challenge of delivering top-quality outcomes to our clients and the complications of the last couple of months have just made us appreciate all of you even more.  In spite of the recent adversity, OBEX continues to expand its market footprint with some of the most recognizable nameplates in the construction industry – Owners, Architects, General Contractors, Concrete Subs and Flooring Installers - who manage projects for some of the most appreciated brands and organizations in the Retail, Administrative, Health Care and Educational markets.   

We are so appreciative of the opportunities we have to serve and partner with you.  Thank you for allowing us to demonstrate OBEX’s Good Price, Better Service offer each and every day. 


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