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Flooring Contractors/Installers are among the hardest working people in the construction industry and, generally speaking, construction professionals that work in the concrete and flooring trades are subject to physically demanding requirements and workloads. OBEX appreciates and admires the fact that many of these companies are family-owned and operated—sometimes the ownership of these companies span generations. OBEX prides itself in providing these business-partner companies with the same peace of mind and support our clients expect with respect to concrete Moisture Control solutions. Working hard to grow and maintain a business should come with as much protection as possible—OBEX’s 15-year warranty does just that.

OBEX maintains a national network of incredibly hard-working and industrious preferred installers. Recently OBEX has experienced an increase in the number of inquiries about joining our team. Most commonly, those contacting us are tired of “feeling like a number” for the mega-companies and want to get back to a relationally-biased set of partnerships. With OBEX’s competitive Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) pricing, preferred installers and their contractors/owners get value-pricing for fresh concrete as well as retrofit/redevelopment scenarios.

We welcome the opportunity to add qualified preferred installers to our team where they will experience what Good Price, Better Service means for both their peace of mind and bottom line. To learn more about being an OBEX-preferred installer, please call 844-265-3535 or visit our website at and get in touch to get the certification process started.


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