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Don't let your floors fail you!

Obex Peace of Mind: The What and Why of OBEX Concrete Moisture Control - Good Price, Better Service.

OBEX serves an amazing roster of Architects, Owners, and Contractors that support a myriad of markets in preventing premature, negative-side moisture damage to resilient flooring finishes. Our End-Customer portfolio covers the United States, representing many of the top brands in their respective markets.

Why do clients choose OBEX for concrete Moisture Control? Clients do so because OBEX provides peace of mind. Many clients purchase a concrete Moisture Control System after an episode of failure. They experience the financial frustrations and business interruptions that mark a premature resilient flooring repair. Clients only need to experience this headache once to transition their concrete Moisture Control temperament from gambler: "Maybe we won’t have a problem?” to believer: “I’m never paying out for these costs and problems again - I’m calling OBEX!”

When clients choose Moisture Control Systems from OBEX, they are purchasing three things:

  1. They are purchasing one of the longest-lived brands—Creteseal—in the concrete Moisture Control market, with thousands of jobs and tens of millions of square feet of concrete protected;

  2. They are purchasing the ONLY system that dispatches an onsite OBEX technician to each jobsite to ensure the quality result OBEX clients have come to appreciate; and

  3. They are purchasing a proven, warranted, cost-effective, value-engineered system specifically formulated to succeed where there might have otherwise been failure.

OBEX offers peace of mind against concrete moisture-related flooring failures. Learn more at or call us at 844-265-3535.


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