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Decorative Epoxy Flooring

Numerous flooring types, including decorative and industrial epoxy flooring systems, have been protected by the Creteseal suite of moisture control products throughout the years. Decorative epoxy coatings, typically solid-pigmented or metallic chip broadcast, are a visually appealing alternative to other resilient floorings. Like all resilient flooring, decorative coatings can be susceptible to moisture vapor emissions, contaminants and alkalinity inherent to concrete slabs. Not proactively treating the concrete slab with a moisture control system, or failing to moisture test the slab, drastically increases the likelihood of a flooring failure. Bubbling, blistering, and outright deterioration of epoxy flooring is not something contractors, owners, or architects want to deal with—it is an expensive, labor-intensive, and time-consuming repair. Creteseal MAX System is an exceptional solution for preventing decorative epoxy flooring failures. The Creteseal MAX System ensures the owner’s investment is protected with a 15-Year Warranty. Creteseal MAX is a cost-effective concrete moisture control solution and decorative epoxy floor coatings will bond directly to Creteseal MAX when applied within the re-coat window. This provides an opportunity for further cost savings by eliminating the need for primers and cementitious skims/self-levels.

As decorative epoxy floor coatings continue to increase in popularity in commercial and residential markets, it’s important for contractors and owners to be aware of problems inherent to concrete moisture. For your next decorative epoxy finished floor project, the Creteseal MAX System is the solution to protect your investment for years to come!

If you are interested in learning more, please contact OBEX Technical Services at 844-265-3535.


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