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Creteseal max

Creteseal MAX provides MAXIMUM protection against resilient flooring failure as part of the OBEX Good Price, Better Service client-support model, at new LOWER National Pricing. OBEX proudly offers two of the most effective concrete moisture control systems on the market today.  Creteseal CS2000, the original Day-of-Pour, warranted and value-engineered moisture mitigation system along with Creteseal MAX, our ASTM-F3010 two-part resin for MAXIMUM moisture control protection for both fresh and existing concrete retrofit scenarios.  For any, and all, concrete moisture vapor control needs, OBEX offers competitively-priced systems, with onsite OBEX-branded Technician installation oversight, backed by 15-Year Warranties protecting your project against negative-side moisture and alkalinity damage to resilient flooring.

Learn more about Creteseal MAX, its features and benefits, as well as the scenarios where Creteseal MAX offers MAXIMUM moisture control protection.  OBEX has a number of FREE Technical Bulletins detailing the Creteseal MAX system available at or call us at 844-265-3535 and ask to talk to a member of our Technical Services Team to learn more.   


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