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Concrete Moisture Control Systems

Peace of Mind.  There are three camps when it comes to concrete Moisture Control:

  • Gamblers = Those who haven’t had to replace a failed floor as a result of negative-side moisture damage — yet. 

  • Believers = Those who have had to repair/replace an expensive flooring system and now specify a Moisture Control system for their projects.

  • Loyalists = Those who rely on OBEX’s Good Price, Better Service Moisture Control systems to protect against the potential for flooring failure.

Concrete Moisture Control systems are a key success factor for resilient flooring, but they do not garner the same attention as many other critical path construction considerations in design and building circles. Why? Moisture Control systems are more or less invisible – out of sight; out of mind.  The low visibility of Moisture Control systems makes them easy to ignore until the resilient floor placed over the slab fails as a result of negative-side moisture intrusion.  OBEX offers Peace of Mind when it comes to concrete Moisture Control – OBEX products remove the likelihood of a resilient flooring failure, and in the unlikely event there is an issue, OBEX steps in and takes care of any flooring repairs due to negative-side moisture intrusion. For the Believers and Loyalists, they know their expensive flooring investment is protected, and for those Gamblers debating the value of Peace of Mind, it’s worth noting that the OBEX Moisture Control product portfolio leads the industry with solutions as low as $0.50 per square foot.

Like a lot of things in life, those in the background rarely get the attention and mindshare they deserve until something occurs to draw them to the forefront.  At OBEX, we don’t mind being in the background supporting your successful projects with an industry-leading set of Moisture Control systems like the Creteseal CS2000 Day-of-Pour (DoP) system for fresh concrete and Creteseal MAX two-part resin system—applicable for both fresh and retrofit concrete installation scenarios.  We are proud to provide outstanding, reliable products and service that highlight the Peace of Mind only available to those willing to proactively protect themselves from concrete slab moisture-related failure.

Learn the details of OBEX’s Good Price, Better Service Moisture Control systems by calling 844-265-3535 or by visiting to review our blog.  Follow us on Linkedin for product news, updated information, and to see what we’re up to!


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