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OBEX - Concrete Moisture Control Specifications

OBEX is frequently asked for concrete moisture control specification recommendations.  Over the years, OBEX’s Creteseal products have been routinely included in Division 03 Concrete, Division 07 Thermal and Moisture Protection and Division 09 Finishes.  The concrete moisture control scope can be overlooked if the specification is located in an unexpected or atypical sub-section, which may result in schedule delays and increased project costs.  For that reason, OBEX developed sample specifications that we encourage owners, developers and designers to review and incorporate into their project plans under the recommended divisional sub-sections.  If you have any questions, please contact OBEX Technical Services at 844-265-3535, or

Some of the variability in specifications may be attributable to the product that is being specified.  In the case of the Creteseal CS2000 day-of-pour product, OBEX’s recommended specification section is Division 03 Concrete as the product is applied shortly after the concrete has been placed.  As soon as the concrete surface supports foot traffic, CS2000 is spray-applied to the concrete surface and broomed to maximize absorption.  Generally speaking, OBEX sees Creteseal CS2000 specified in 033000 Cast-In-Place Concrete, while 033500 Concrete Floor Finishing is also utilized.  OBEX’s full Division 03 CS2000 Proprietary Specification can be downloaded here, Performance Specification here, and below is a simplified approach to CS2000 inclusion in your next project specification manual under a commonly referenced sub-section:


          A.  Proactive Moisture Vapor Emission Control System

               1. Proactive Moisture Vapor Emission Control System applied to concrete

                   substrate the day of the concrete pour as soon as concrete finishing

                   operations are complete reducing moisture vapor emission rate

                   (MVER) to meet flooring manufacturer requirements.

               2. VOC Content: 0 g/L

               3. Manufacturer: Moisture Vapor Emission Control System shall be

                   CRETESEAL CS2000, by: OBEX Co. 740 N 5th Street, Jacksonville, OR

                   97530 Phone: 844-265-3535,

4. Warranty: The manufacturer shall warrant the floor finish against

                   failure due to negative-side moisture migration or moisture-born

                   contaminates such as alkalinity for a period of fifteen (15) years from

                   the date of original installation.   

For retrofit concrete slab moisture control scenarios, the Creteseal MAX System is most appropriately specified in Division 09 Finishes, usually in one of the Resilient Flooring or Moisture Control sub-sections as OBEX recommends here. The Creteseal MAX System is the perfect ASTM-F3010 solution for existing slab concrete moisture control, and with the expert competencies of the OBEX Certified Installer (OCI) network, up to 25,000 square feet of existing concrete can be prepped, profiled and protected—ready to receive resilient flooring—in as few as three days, many times for a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) price of $3.00/sf.  Good Price, Better Service


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