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Compatibility = Versatility = PROJECT SAVINGS!

OBEX is a company focused on concrete moisture control systems. Throughout the years, OBEX’s Creteseal concrete moisture control systems have proven to be compatible with a myriad of competitive and complimentary products, such as primers, cementitious skim-coats and self-leveling underlayment, as well as adhesives and flooring systems.  OBEX has yet to identify a product that has not successfully worked with the Creteseal CS2000 and Creteseal MAX products when industry standards and manufacturer requirements are employed during the preparation and installation processes.  Nonetheless, OBEX routinely fields calls and emails from clients, and potential clients, relaying their most recent conversation with a competitive product representative who has intimated, or explicitly stated, that OBEX products are not compatible with their products. This is far from the truth.  The truth is that Creteseal’s universal compatibility supports versatility in which components are chosen to complement the moisture control system installation – this versatility can result in significant project savings for the owner and construction team.  The recent trend is to lock competition out with a single manufacturer specification for various components – what those specifications represent is a clever way to drive project costs up by limiting efficient and cost-effective products from consideration. 

Here are the compatibility facts.  OBEX’s products are currently protecting millions of square feet of concrete slabs from emitting excessive moisture vapor emissions and alkali that might otherwise result in resilient flooring failure.  Throughout those installations, OBEX’s products have been paired with nearly every combination of primer, cementitious skim-coat, self-level, and adhesive on the market, and have yet to experience a failure traceable to any matter of compatibility.  On the contrary, OBEX’s testing of various products has yet to render a compatibility issue.  Further, OBEX has copies of letters from competitive and complimentary product representatives that offer no indication of compatibility concerns.  To date, despite repeated requests, OBEX has never been provided competitor-initiated and credentialed, independent lab testing results that indicate any form of compatibility issue.  Period.

OBEX welcomes the opportunity to demonstrate Creteseal product compatibility and is happy to have its products independently-tested and validated for compatibility with any other product.  Telling the truth is a basic fundamental of sound, morally-responsible business practices and part of the OBEX Good Price, Better Service offer.  When you tire of trying to sort through the lies and want to talk about the truths of compatibility in the concrete moisture control market, give us a call at 844-265-3535 and ask to talk to our Technical Services Team.


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