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Client Service is Client Retention!

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

OBEX believes clients are business partners. While competitors like to characterize their strong commitment to client support, none of them dispatch a highly-trained and specialized technician to each installation jobsite they support. OBEX does! This is why we differentiate our business model as relational as opposed to transactional.

OBEX takes great pride in the proactive, peace of mind, quality-assurance, and control, inherent to having a representative onsite each time the Creteseal-branded product solutions are installed. OBEX offers competitively-priced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) solutions while providing best in class bid, preparation and installation support to clients. That is why the OBEX Good Price, Better Service model includes so many repeat customers.

We invite your team to experience the OBEX model for client service. Contact us today and see for yourself how much of a difference client service commitments can make in the success of your next project. We look forward to a call, email or next opportunity to create a face-to-face connection with the most important people on our team – our clients!


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