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Updated: May 22, 2019

The depth and breadth of OBEX’s reach, across many industries, is due to a simple fact—preventing concrete moisture is an important step everywhere, and every time resilient flooring systems are installed. OBEX’s product installations include Retail, Health Care, Office, Educational and Technology partners covering millions of square feet of protection against negative-side, moisture-related resilient flooring failure. Concrete Moisture Control protection for resilient flooring represents peace of mind and prudent risk management for all of OBEX’s clients and projects.

OBEX invites you to learn more about our proven products designed specifically for concrete Moisture Control applications. The Creteseal CS2000 Day-of-Pour product pioneered an effective, proactive alternative for Moisture Control protection of resilient flooring applications over new concrete placements. OBEX’s Creteseal MAX is an ASTM F3010-compliant, two-part resin Moisture Control product for new and existing concrete slabs when environmental and/or schedule requirements demand an accelerated project completion timeline. Learn more about each of these products at or call us at 844-265-3535 to see what our Good Price; Better Service promise can mean for your next project.


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